Rometsch #172 is one of the best known Beeskow cars in Europe. Its owners has used and showed it on a variety of shows and magazines the last years.

#172 was one of what is believed to be approximately 15 cars that was imported to Sweden by Mr Dyngling's little import agency. He was a visionary car dealer from Stockholm that brought a lot of exotic cars to Sweden, alongside the Rometshces was also Denzels and at least two Dannenhauer & Stauss cars as well. He even managed to sell a black Beeskow Cabriolet to the Swedish king!

Sometime during the early eighties, #172 ended up at a small car museum in the middle of Sweden. Together with Rometsch Beeskow Coupe #X, it was given a face lift (a.k.a. "museum restoration") and was shown in the museum alongside other magnificent cars. Sweden was among the few european countries NOT devastated by the second world war, and had money and people to buy great cars in the post-war years. In 1950 and 51, Sweden was the largest export market for Volkswagen.

In the early nineties, the museum owner decided to close the fascility and sell off the cars. The pair of Rometsches was advertised on the Swedish magazine "Classic Motor". Swedens own special VW-dedective Jonas Uhland was (as usual) the first to call and together with president of the Swedish Vintage, Per Kaarsell, they bought both cars and brought them to Stockholm. Kaarsell already had his wonderful '55 D & S Cabriolet and wanted the rare "mid-size rear window"-Beeskow Coupe for his own collection. Jonas cruised around in the green Cabriolet for a sumemr or two. Despite the car's good looks, it needed a lot of mechanical tlc.

#172 was then sold to British VW & Porsche-afficiando Ritchie King of Karmann Konnection. The necessary mechanical work was taken care of and Ritchie took it to some british VW-shows. European VW-big wigs are known to do some heavy trading and within a short time it ended up in the collection of BBT's Bob van Heyst in Belgium in the late nineties. Bob gave the car a full upgrade, put on one of his NOS Judson supercharger kits and took the old #172 for a series of trips all over Europe. At the Hessisch Oldendorf meet in 2001, he even had Mr Johannes Beeskow himself sign the door of the glove box compartment.

#172 is unusual in that it has separate vent windows in the doors. It is one of only two Beeskow Cabriolets known to have this extra cost option.

Bob has enjoyed his Rometsch for many years, but he also has many other fabolous cars that takes his attention and money. During the winter of 2004/05 he decided to pass on the Rometsch and agreed a deal with his long time business partner, Mr Komori of Flat 4 in Japan. Upon the new owners request, the #172 went through a total cosmetic restoration to match the already restored chassis. Bob put his best men of BBT to the task and during spring of 2005, Rometsch #172 was painted wonderful black and shipped off to its new home in Japan.

Oystein Asphjell, May 2005


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