Lenny Copp is by no means an unfamiliar name in the international VW-scene. Through his great business (www.classicvws.com ) he has a hand in many of the rare and desirable restorations being done in the USA.


Lenny's Rometsch Coupe is undoubtably the oldest Beeskow Rometsch in existence in the most special of all. It remains a mystery if it actually is the exact same car as shown on the "famous" period photograph shown on "the History"-page on this website. The story of how this rare and wonderful car came to California is also quite peculiar.


One of Lenny's "European-connections", Guido van Sundert in Holland, has hunted down several rare cars seen in todays VW-scene. In the late nineties, finding a Rometsch with the original would seem difficult and opportunistic. In line with the phrase "less is more", Guide "just" put an advertisement in the German "Auto, Motor & Sport"-magazine - "Rometsch wanted". He receives one single phone call. But not just from anybody. Then in his late seventies, none other than Mr Johannes Beeskow himself calls him up and replies to the ad. He does not know much about the surviving samples of his wonderful design childs, but one he does know - and that is an early coupe that was at sleep in the middle of the restoration with the original owner. A long story short - Lenny bought the car, brought it to California and keeps it as his / for his pension. Breathtakingly complete, correct and solid. A lovely car - it will be interesting to follow its coming history as well.