Rometsch Karrosserie in Berlin was much more than just the VW-based cars designed by Johannes Beeskow. (See "the History"-page on this website for more info). Before the war, Rometsch built wonderful and expensive cars on a variety of chassis and drivetrains and sold them to some selcted wealthy Germans. In paralell with the VW Beeskow-model, Rometsch designed and built a Volkswagen Type 1 taxi with 3 doors. A stretched Beetle that sold to taxi operators in Germany. Today only a handful of these strange vehicles are know to exist. Following the VW Beeskow-models, Rometsch went on to build a new variant of a low slung 2-seater sporty car on the VW-floorpan. The later model was designed by Bert Lawrence and was far more adapted to the US market and is greatly inspired by USA best sellers like the Kaiser Darrin and the more common Buick Riviera.

The Rometsch Registry wants to gather owners and information regarding both the taxis and the Lawrence-models. We are looking for owners of such that want to cooperate with us and administrate the work relating to these models. The Registry is (very much) a non-profit idea based on love and respect for these wonderful cars. So far our work has been related to the Beeskow-models. Please contact us if you feel you can contributes to this work in any way.

Here are some links and pictures of the taxi and Lawrence-model:


Info & pictures of the VW-based Rometsch taxi


Here is a link that shows some of the original Rometsch sales literature: